7 Proven MacBook Battery Tips: How to Make It Last Longer?

It is common knowledge that MacBook Air/Pro battery has a more prolonged life in comparison to most laptops. Still, nothing lasts forever. Over time, the number of charge cycles runs out, and eventually, the battery dies. Do you need to sustain your battery life for a limited period or a single charge? Are you looking for long-term solutions to ensure your Mac’s battery will last? Take a look at the roundup of 7 proven tips and hacks to extend the battery life on your Mac.

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Why I Love My Macbook

Are you new to blogging? Or have you been thinking about possibly starting a blog? This was me not long ago so I understand your struggles! One of my struggles was my laptop.

We had an old desk top and laptop. They worked but all the programs were slow and we just kept getting viruses. As you may know once you get a virus your computer is just never the same! One time my husband opened something through Facebook and in a matter of seconds our whole computer was locked up with a big skull and cross bones on the front. That was back in 2008 so a lot has changed since then but many people have had similar experiences.

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My favorite Mac in a decade-The 13’ macbook pro with touch bar

I've been a lifetime Mac user and a professional web developer for over 10 years and the new 2016 MacBook Pros are, hands down, my favorite Macs in a decade. The only laptop I have loved as much or more in my life was the 12" PowerBook G4. So much has been made about whether these machines are truly "pro" that I wanted to share my thoughts from a web developer's point of view.

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Tips & Tricks To Be a Pro With The New MacBook Pro

So you’ve brought home a brand new MacBook Pro. Now, what? While Apple’s laptops are known for being user-friendly, there’s a whole host of MacBook Pro tips and tricks waiting to be discovered. We’ve gathered together some of our favorite tips and tricks so you’ll be almost as competent as your favorite TV hacker. No cool music or crime labs required.

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How to use the Macbook/iMac/Mac-mini optical digital audio output (minijack)

Every MacBook/iMac/Mac-mini sold the past few years has an audio output that is specified as a “headphone/optical digital audio output (minijack).” See here, for example. Recently, I wanted to use this digital audio output to connect to my living room home theater receiver but found very little information about it. I called two Apple stores in San Francisco and neither Genius knew about the feature and could not explain how to use it or buy cables for it. In this post I share what I learned after much online research and experimentation.

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